Gregg Mazel
Consulting Resume

Note: The Princeton Computer Group came under the auspices of Gregg Mazel, Consultant in January 12, 2002

Gregg Mazel
109 Princeton Ave.
Providence, RI 02907
866-449-3608 voice
866-449-3608 fax

The Princeton Computer Group, Inc. is a software development and general computer-consulting firm. Individuals with extensive computer backgrounds established the Group in November 1993 to facilitate development efforts. Specializing in development of systems which will organize data for easy input and retrieval, the Group ensures quality systems with graphical user interfaces which fit the needs of the client. The Group employs appropriate software languages applicable to individual project needs. Previous projects have employed XP Pro, Apple MAC Systems 6 through 9, MS NT, Linux Servers, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, MS Access, ASP and MS SQL. We also have the in-house capability of producing full text searchable digital documents from paper originals. Applications include scanned City of Providence Bonds and other legal documents, Web Site Design as well as data information retrieval systems. We focus primarily on Unix, Linux, PC and MAC environments. Clients have included research groups, universities, non-profits and commercial businesses.

Principal: Gregg Mazel, President

Platforms: XP Pro, Mac, DOS, Windows, UNIX, Linux

Systems: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, MAC OS, Linux (Red Hat)

Software: Crestron SIMPL Windows, Crestron Vt-Pro E, Peavex X-Ware and M-Ware, MS OFFICE, Visual Basic, Lotus, dBASE IV, MS FoxPro/MS Access, Pascal, C, C++, Lisp, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Word Perfect, Microsoft Visual C++, Java, Flash, Oracle, Adobe PageMaker, Internet related software such as Apple IP Server, Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, MS FrontPage,  Norton Utilities, as well as many diagnostic, communications, and graphical software packages.

Continuing Education:

Recent Consulting Assignments (Long and Short Term)

Central Communications Systems, Inc.
Senior Systems Software Engineer

2002 - 2004
Audio/Video Systems Integration using Crestron Control Systems, AutoCAD, Visio, SQL, ASP, Extron and IED software. Integration and bridging between individual MS Office Applications using Visual Basic. Touch Panel remote control and digital signal processing using Peavey MediaMatrix hardware.
Setup company wide Intranet, including shared public calendars , MS Web based Exchange email and shared tasks. Maintain Windows 2000 and Exchange servers. Clients include US Coast Guard Academy, EMC, Boston Convention Center (configured Extreme Core Network Switch for A/V CobraNet), Bradley International Airport, Logan International Airport.

Harlem, NY
Present: Developing custom proprietary Internet multimedia player/recorder that allows multiplexed multi-channel real time streams. Using PHP, Java Servlets, MYSQL, Flash and HTML.

Moses Brown School
Providence, RI
Teaching summer '99 and '00. High School level Java/HTML course. Summer classes in Computers and Music and Computer Graphics and Design using Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Flash, Performer, Finale and Band in the Box.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

May, 1999 to August, 1999. Consultant teacher (c, c++, java) under contract to Dimensions in Productivity

Odeh Engineers, Inc.
1223 Mineral Spring Avenue
North Providence, RI  02904

March, 1999. Network troubleshooting. Internet programming.

The RI Children's Crusade
The 134 Center, Suite 111
134 Thurbers Avenue
Providence, RI 02905
401-854-5500 Fax: 854-5511

March, 1999 to August, 2000. Interim MIS Director.  Provide consulting in IT service management, systems programming and forecasting for the future MIS needs of this organization. Implement full Internet network for 32 nodes with mixed PC/Mac environment - Summer of 1999.  See 1st assignment as full-time MIS Director.

9th Square now
Newport, RI
Fall 1998 Java programming for interactive web forms. Internet banner technology that allows people to stay where they are and make purchases, participate in contests, surveys, and fill out questionnaires.

Providence Performing Arts Center
220 Weybossett Street
Providence, RI

2nd year web site upgrade from original design and implementation in November, 1998.

Bureau of Jewish Education
Providence, RI
Summer 1998 to current. Recommend and install upgraded MAC ethernet network. Setup MAC server with shared resources and user accounts. Training completed on server administration and workstation usage.

Youth Opp. Guide

Summer 1998. Developed specialized program to convert data from Filemaker Pro to MS Access and back. Facilitated Spanish translation of guide by using relational database technology. The Youth Opportunities Guide is a detailed directory set up to help families understand the many educational, recreational and creative program options in the City of Providence.

Moses Brown School
Providence, RI
Teaching winter and summer '98. High School level C++ course using MS Visual C++. Summer classes in Computers and Music and Computer Graphics and Design using Photoshop, Flash, Performer, Finale and Band in the Box.

Providence Performing Arts Center
Providence, RI

Web Site Design and implementation in June, 1997. See current upgrade assignment.

CCRI, Knight Campus
Providence, RI

Teaching Summer, Fall '96 and Winter '97. Engineering Course ELEC-1000 Intro. to Computer Repair. Also teaching DOS classes, Fall 1996. Extensive use of internet for resource development.

Jewish Federation of RI
130 Sessions Street
Providence, RI

Troubleshooter for MAC network and functionality of System Applications. Installed system and network software. Configured shared folders on network.

RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence
422 Post Road
Warwick, RI

Troubleshoot and upgrade MAC network and upgraded functionality of System Applications. Configured network and e-mail applications. Installed new server. Provided training in online Internet usage.

RI Coalition for the Homeless
11 Aurora Street
Providence, RI

Troubleshoot MAC network and functionality of System Applications. Configure database system for selective reporting.

RI Commission for National and Community Service
Nicole Boothman-Shepard
Executive Director
143 Prairie Avenue
P.O. Box 72822
Providence, RI 02907
phone:401-331-2298 x15

Install complete MAC ethernet with shared Internet usage. Setup and configure E-mail and Office 98 for the network. Troubleshoot MAC network and functionality of System Applications. Installed and configured backup system. Provided training in online Internet usage.

Bryan Associates
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI

Developed custom Customer MAP® relational database system to perform analysis on survey data using MS Access, Excel, Quattro Pro. Troubleshoot MAC network. Installed connectivity software and Internet software.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence
Providence, RI

Installed and configured 28 networked Macs with 7 printers in 3 labs. Taught basic computer skills to children ages 6 through 14. Developed complete computer educational curriculum for 5 levels for all Providence branches. Troubleshooted Central Services network.

The RI Children's Crusade for Higher Education
301 Promenade Street

Providence, RI 02908

MIS Director. Established local area network. Maintain MIS system and development/program modifications to existing dBASE IV (DOS) system. Provided training in online Internet usage. Modifications include additional reports and data handling features. Produced electronic Financial Projections using MS Excel for The Children's Crusade and Office of Higher Education. Provided general troubleshooting and hardware maintenance. See current assignment as Interim MIS Director.

Computer Publications, Inc.
Mr. James D. Wood
279 Morris Ave.
Providence, RI 02906

Designed and developed Hypertext system that indexes a Vendor Analysis Publication using a relational database model in FoxPro for DOS. Developed super-optimized searching algorithm for simultaneous multiple vendor criteria (over 100). Built custom screens with full validation routines and reports that show the criteria and the results of matches. Provided complete stand-alone executable application with documentation (system and user). Created distribution program to build diskettes that were published in the jacket of the book.

Nation Wide Construction, Inc.
260 Pound Hill Road
North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Researched and recommended complete computer hardware appropriate to company operations. Setup system and conducted staff training sessions.

Nicholas Trott Long
One Hospital Trust Plaza
Suite 1725
Providence, Rhode Island

Providing general consulting services. Conducting one-to-one training sessions on computer software such as ProComm Plus, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and the Internet.

Patriot Forms
207 Wickenden Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Providing short and long term typesetting services for books, documents, and advertising materials. By automating the typesetting process, books and documents may be typeset in less than half the time it would take to do by hand.

Peaberry's Ltd.
Mr. Jerry Bernardini
109 Windward Lane
Bristol, RI 02809

Created custom bridge between Touch Screen Point of Sale System to a PC based Accounting program using MS Excel Macro Language and FoxPro. Created procedures for data importing, parsing and exporting of DOS text files, data entry screens, and custom reporting for Point of Sale. Instructed staff.

Picerne Properties
75 Lambert Lind Highway
Warwick, Rhode Island

Developed and programmed scripts for electronic data transfer between home office and nine remote sites. Worked with accounting to fully automate general ledger accounting for all sites by utilizing modem technology by linking remote offices to main office thus decentralizing. (Windows development)

SCVIR (Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiologists)

Designed and developed a medical quality assurance program that tracks Patients, Procedures and Complications per Doctor and Practice in FoxBASE+/Mac and FoxPro for DOS and Windows.

Stereo Discount Center
189 Angell Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02906

Automated retail audio component store using MAS 90 accounting software. Created procedures for data entry, custom reporting for Point of Sale and Inventory Management. Instructed staff.

University of Guam
Mangilao, Guam

Advising the University of Guam on implementing electronic data transfers using a newly implemented internet connection. Developed and continuously modifying an electronic Policy Manual for the University. Manual has hypertext features which allow easy retrieval of information. Manual employs the Microsoft Word for Windows programming language, Visual Basic.

Woonsocket School Dept.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Developing interactive learning program for high school students. Program will include an animated graphical user interface. Teaches basic physics applications.

Various Law Firms in Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Scanning and optically recognizing documents. Archival of legal records. Development of custom systems for fast search and retrieval of documents on all types of digital media.

Systems Analysis
Analyze bookkeeping needs in conversion from card system to computerized system.
Recommend Point of Sale and Inventory operations using MAS 90 Accounting Software.
Train bookkeeper to properly enter company data to accommodate MAS 90 System and General Accounting Principles.
Procedures for period end processing, special processing and report analysis.
Data Analysis
Convert existing data on cards to usable computerized data.
Study efficiency and accuracy of data entry methods.
System Maintenance
Upgrade all accounting system software. Arrange for telephone technical support.
Install tape drive and build backup procedures.
Customized Report Building
Build flexible reports to suit management and sales force.
Put data into form that is grouped according to sales usage.

Custom Software Engineering
Build relational database model using Foxpro 2.6 that allows further data analysis using full Graphical User Interface.
Build spreadsheet models in Quattro Pro Windows for detailed financial modeling.



As our name implies, we are a group of professionals who employ the latest technology in the computer industry for companies within Rhode Island and beyond. Individual staff and principal's résumés are available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration.

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